Life is a long road full of uncertainty and constant change. The path one begins on can be redirected by some very unexpected life altering experiences. I was born in the intercity of Philadelphia but have been along time resident of Bucks county for thirty plus years. My background in the art world began with a day dream, as I was always perceived as not paying attention in my early years. I was actually using my imagination creating my own reality where my mind took me. At any rate, my creativity was never lost, it was just suppressed for many years as my environment did not recognize artistic abilities. Throughout my life I never stopped sketching, painting and photographing things that interested me. I love being near the water, whether on a beach or at a lake which is why reflections and marine life show up in many of my composed images.

For the past seven or eight years I have really delved into photography starting with basics and developing into combining the concept of an artistic approach to Fine Art Photography. Through visualization and imagery I create compositional pieces that are organic and inorganic origins. By this I mean fabricating a composition using layers of textural subjects with natural or architectural images. Together they form an interesting piece of artwork that may tell a story or create a mood invoking questions, stirring the imagination of the viewer. Interpretations of each piece are all up to the individual.

 Creative perspectives and innovative expressions of originality are entertained in captivating the viewers interest. I believe art should reach out and pull the audience in while posing questions and creating a story.  Throughout my collective portfolio runs the underlying theme of abstraction which lends to the distorted views within my compositions. 

The journey I am on continues, as the universe directs the way my creativity will flow.

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